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SOL International Foundation began when our founders, David Elmore and Brandon Raab began living on the island of Roatan and saw the lack of sports and other recreational activities available for the local kids.  It truly began with them playing ball with these children and a desire to give them the joy and learning experiences they participated in during their youth. 



SOL kids spread joy

Over the last 15+ years, it has developed into so much more.  We have a flourishing Community Center, an inspiring scholarship program, a vital meal program, and of course a collaborative sports program.  We have been able to make a tremendous impact on the youth in Roatan.

Our Approach

    SOL International Foundation has been working on Roatan for over 15 years to promote education and increase the quality of life for the at risk youth on the island. We have learned some important lessons along the way.

    The most important being that in order for our "SOL kids" to have the best chance of success, we need a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of their well being and not only academics: self esteem, mental health, family support, nutrition, and physical health.

    We have now been offering a more holistic approach that emphasizes identifying and building on the strengths and resilience of our youth. Rather than focusing solely on deficits and problems, it recognizes their potential and empowers them to overcome challenges. This approach boosts their self-esteem, motivation, and sense of agency, fostering a positive attitude towards personal growth and development. We hope to reshape the narratives of these youth, providing them with the support and opportunities they need to fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential.

SOL International Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity in the US

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